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Associated with Couples Choice between Covenant and Standard Marriage in
Louisiana," available at

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of Covenant Marriage in Louisiana," Virginia Journal of Social Policy and
the Law 9 (December, 2000): 192-223.

I think the existing order is alphabetical, within broad categories -- I
think one category is divorce reform and the other one is loosely related to
arguments for divorce reform.

Also, if you have LEXIS or something similar, could you get me a copy of the
Brian Bix article?

Brian H. Bix "State Interest and Marriage : The Theoretical Perspective," 32
Hofstra Law Review 93 (2003).

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San Diego Law Review 177 (2004).

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Law and Economics 241 (2005), at <>
or at <>

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Relationships?," 18 Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy 137

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English and Scottish Law," International and Comparative Law Quarterly
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"Marriage Contracts" chapter of the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, by Anthony W. Dnes. Download PDF

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Vol. 11, No. 2 (August 1997), Ira Mark Ellman, The Misguided Movement to Revive Fault Divorce, and Why Reformers Should Look Instead to the American Law Institute

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12 Regent University Law Review No. 1 (1999-2000): Entire issue devoted to Covenant Marriage:
Katherine Shaw Spaht, Marriage: Why a Second Tier Called Covenant Marriage?
Margaret Brinig and Steven Nock, Covenant and Contract
Tony Perkins, Covenant Marriage: A Legislator's Perspective
Lynne Marie Kohm, A Comparative Survey of Covenant Marriage Proposals in the United States
David M. Wagner, The Constitution and Covenant Marriage Legislation: Rumors of a Constitutional Right to Divorce Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Marie Summerlin Hamm, Opportuning Virtue: The Binding Ties of Covenant Marriage Examined
Michele Brewer Brooks, The Biblical View of Marriage: Covenant Relationship
Samuel Pyeatt Menefee, The "Sealed Knot": A Prelminary Bibliography of "Covenant Marriage"

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INDIANA LAW JOURNAL Volume 73 Number 2 Spring 1998
ARTICLE: Lifting the Veil of Ignorance: Personalizing the Marriage Contract, by Eric Rasmusen & Jeffrey Evans Stake, p. 453
RESPONSES: The New Marriage Contract and the Limits of Private Ordering, by Gregory S. Alexander, p. 503
Toward Contractual Choice in Marriage, by J. Mark Ramseyer p. 511
Choice, Dependence, and the Reinvigoration of the Traditional Family, by Kathryn Abrams p. 517
Jeffrey Evans Stake, Martha Fineman, Akhil Reed Amar, Regina Austin, Thomas S. Ulen, and Michael Grossberg p. 535

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Pre-Marital Agreements and How We Think About Marriage
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John J. Sampson, Bringing the Court to Heel: Substituting Legislative Policy for Judicial Discretion, 33 ABA Fam. Law Q. No. 3, (Fall 1999) pages 565-580: An irreverent but very informative description of divorce lawyers' and judges' role in family law reform.

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